Book Reviews

Book Review: Ruckus

Title: Ruckus

Author: L.J. Shen

Rating: 4.5 stars


”…there is something you should know before you judge me. I saw him first. I craved him first. I loved him first.”


The characters of Dean and Rosie have been introduced in both Defy and Vicious. Dean happened to date Rosie’s older sister in the previous book. Their relationship was while they were young and it was no big love.


Dean has always had a thing for the baby Leblanc sister, ever since her first laid eyes on her as a teenagers. But life got in the way, and in an effort to protect her older sister, Emilia from fellow HotHole Vicious, they began to date. Thus killing his chances with the younger sister and further complicating their relationship. But his obsession never ends and ten years later, with Rosie living in New York in the same apartment as him, nothing will stop him having her.


“Rosie LeBlanc was the only woman in my life who wouldn’t give me the time of day, and she certainly didn’t know that ironically, Rosie Leblanc was the only woman whose time I wanted.”


Dean and Rosie share dangerous chemistry and have always had strong feelings for the other. Rosie is dealing with a life-altering illness, yet it doesn’t diminish any of her spark. Rosie is the only person to completely understand Dean and isn’t afraid to put him in his place.


“This is not two people dating each other for the first time. We have history. Chemistry. And a shit-ton of sentiments toward one another. I’m serious as hell about this.”


As the two finally come together, there is still many issues that they must work through and overcome before their chance at happiness can be achieved. There was a lot of depth to Dean’s character that we haven’t seen from him before and the reasons for his behaviour can be explained by his past. But after everything his love for Rosie is always strong, I just love these two together as they really compliment each other.


“Real talk, Rosie, you are all I ever wanted. Even when you wanted me to be with your sister. She was a comforting candle. You were the dazzling sun.”


Overall, this was another great addition to the Sinners of Saint series. I love the whole gang- Jamie, Vicious, Ruckus and Trent. I am really looking forward to Trent’s book, I am greedy to get my hands on anything written by L.J. Shen. She has easily become one of my go-to authors.




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