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Book Review: Love in Transit

Title: Love in Transit

Authors: Jana Aston, Ainsley Booth, Kitty French, BJ Harvey, Raine Miller, Liv Morris

Rating: 4 stars

Find out what happens when you give six authors the SAME blurb and they write their OWN story.


The blurb:


You know those people that have a house full of motivational slogans? Embrace Every Moment, stamped on their coffee mugs. Always Kiss Me Goodnight painted above their perfectly made beds.

I’m not one of those people.

This morning I overslept, then slipped on a stray sock and banged my toe into the nightstand. The elevator in my building broke and I had to run down six flights of stairs. And then my local coffee shop was closed. For health code violations.

What’s that? Not the end of the world? You want me to suck it up?

Did I mention I’m wearing a wedding dress… on the subway?

It’s a Good Day for a Hot Mess.

Someone embroider that on a pillow.


Times Square by Jana Aston- 4.5 stars
Lauren followed her fiance to New York only to discover he was cheating on her and is now living in a one bedroom apartment with three other girls, sharing one bathroom. Lauren meets Max one afternoon at a coffee shop and they flirt and then they leave only to see each other the next day, and a wedding dress is involved.


This was a really sweet story and I loved Max and Lauren’s relationship as they were really great together.


St. George Station by Ainsley Booth- 4 stars
Cara is being pressured by her Grandmother to get married even though she is only 24. Toby is her brother’s best friend and also the person who has helped her get out of many scrapes in the past. Cara comes up with an elaborate scheme to get fake married, and Toby is there to save the day.


The Hammersmith & City Line by Kitty French- 4 stars

Connie has been convinced to participate in a game show with her friend in the hope of winning her the perfect wedding. There she meets the competition, but instead of the ‘brides’ she was expecting to see she sees two ‘grooms’. One of whom she met previously on the tube- the groom to be’s best friend, Ryan.

Connie and Ryan compete in events and things get heated, in more ways than one. This was a fun story with an unexpected twist.


The Loop by BJ Harvey- 4 stars 

Sarah is on the train on her way to get married to her gay best-friend Wyatt in order to get a loan so she can save her parents house. However on the train she runs into Cameron, her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart sixteen years ago when he left to join the army. Wyatt gets held up and the two reconnect and old feelings rise to the surface.


This was a really sweet second chance romance and loved Cameron’s determination to win Sarah back.


Capitol South by Raine Miller- 4 stars

Reese Pinkaraver and Grayson Lash are both from powerhouse political families and have been groomed to marry each other since a young age. The two develop a friendship but won’t let their families get to them. Gray starts to realise his feelings for Reese are more that just that of friendship, but is he too late?


Wall Street Station by Liv Morris- 3 stars

Sera and Seth meet at one of her parents high society parties and a spark is ignited. Later on Sera discovers that Seth is her fathers new attorney. Fast forward three years, Tragedy has struck and Sera is down on her luck having to do what ever it takes to support herself and her Mom who isn’t coping.


Seth has always had feelings for Sera and saves the day.


Overall, I really liked the originality of this anthology. I loved that all the stories were very different even though they had the same blurb. This was such a creative read and I really enjoyed it. some of the authors I have read and loved, others I have read them in previous anthologies and others I haven’t read before. There is good variety of authors and offers a chance to read new authors.

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