Book Reviews

Book Review: Buns

Title: Buns

Author: Alice Clayton

Rating: 4.5 ‘Bossy and Hotel Boy’ stars


Buns is the third installment of the Hudson Valley series featuring Clara, the only remaining single women from the trio of friends. This is a great enemies-lovers story filled with the perfect blend of witty banter, sweet, fun and romantic with the right amount of feels.


Clara’s job is to travel to a new hotel or resort every few months to turn it around. Some of these hotels need a little help , some need a lot of help and some just need some expert advice, that Clara can provide. Archie Bryant is about to take ownership of The Bryant Mountain House after his father retires and if you ask him, his fifth generation resort doesn’t need to do things differently.


“You’re incredibly rude, a know-it-all wrecking-ball girl who is more than a little bossy.”
I laughed in spite of myself. “What lovely things to say, coming from a pretentious, snobby, incredibly rude himself hotel boy who’d rather rattle around spooky hallways and spend time with antiques than listen to reason.”


To say that there was a rub between these two in the beginning would be an understatement. I loved the back and forth bickering. However a spark was ignited that was just waiting to explode. There was a great mixture of light moments but there were a lot of deeper moments between Clara and Archie. There was a lot of depth to the characters and pasts that were difficult in different ways.


It was great being reunited with Roxie, Leo, Natalie and Oscar and all the other interesting characters form Bailey Falls. This was an entertaining and engaging read and a great addition to the series.



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