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Book Review: The Queen and the Cure

Title: The Queen and the Cure

Author: Amy Harmon

Rating:  5 stars


“She saw him. He saw her. And they saw nothing else.”


We are taken back to the world of kings and Queens with a population of gifted inhabitants. This story is beautifully written, full of drama and adventure. The overall affect was truly magical. Kjell is a warrior and a healer and still coming to terms with what it means to be ‘gifted’. It is not something he’s sure to ever get used to.


Kjell is out fighting with his men getting rid of the last of the Volgar, when he comes across a red-haired women in need of his help. The help that only a healer can provide. This proves to be an interesting experience as he has only healed those who he has held in some or great affection. After Kjell helps her, he discovers that she is also gifted and is able to see parts of the future.


“This slave woman, this red-haired paragon of virtue and long-suffering, would be his undoing, and it would not be a sweet unraveling.”


Kjell finds himself on a journey with this woman who can see bits of the future, but remembers none of her past. Sasha moves along with Kjell back to Jeru, and as their journey goes on, feelings start to develop between the two.


“He was not good. He was not generous. He was not courageous or compassionate. He simply loved her. And love made him a better man. That was all.”


The couple go through a lot in order to be together as more is reveled about Sasha’s past and where she really comes from. The two go through such a journey of heartbreak, angst that is filled with beauty and emotion.


“I remember. I remember everything. And everything has changed. But I have not forgotten how I feel about you.”


This book was amazing and it filled me with wonder. I don’t read a lot of fantasy but I just love all of the authors books so I knew I had to give this series a try. I loved the first book The Bird and the Sword and the sequel is no exception. If you are not a typical fantasy reader, I recommend you give this series a try as it is truly stunning.


“Come to me, and I will try to love you. I will try to love you, if you but come back.”


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