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Book Review: Beaus & Arrows

Title: Beaus & Arrows

Author: Anthology (Multiple Authors)

Rating: 3.75 (based on average)


This was an enjoyable anthology all centered around Valentine’s Day. There were many dates, proposals and weddings and the like. Some stories I liked more than others and some were very similar. I love reading anthologies as it gives me something nice to read, especially when I am between books or don’t want to commit to a full novel when I am really busy.

Many of the authors are new to me and it is always a great way to discover new authors. Some of the stories are already a part of established series, a lot of which I haven’t read but were still easy enough to follow.

Overall it was a good anthology but by no means my favourite. The standouts for me were Someone Not You by Jessica Hawkins, My First Time by L.J. Shen and Backfire by Rebecca Yarros.

Perfectly Us by Abby Brooks- 4 stars

Kate and Matt have been together for five years but Kate is wanting to take their relationship to the next level. Matt has been preparing the perfect Valentines’s Day proposal and as a way to through Kate off he tell her he isn’t interested in being married. Kate doesn’t know what to do with this information and Matt must win her back.


Right for Love by Aria Cole- 2.5 stars

Carly, encouraged by her friend uses a dating app and swipes right to meet a guy. She meets the guy Thorn who is a doctor looking for a date for a Valentine’s Day Ball for work. They end up hitting it off and falling for each other.

I found the behaviour and Carly’s reluctance at the start of the story at odds with her behaviour after she meets Thron. For me something was off and didn’t make sense how she seemed very different to my first impression. Overall I didn’t really like this one.


Pinnacle- A Destined Series Story by Ashley Suzanne- 3 stars

I haven’t read the Destined series but the short story gave plenty of information and I wasn’t confused about back stories. Mira and Skyler get a weekend away to go to Danny and Melissa’s wedding.

This was a short and enjoyable read and although it made me interested in the characters, I don’t have any intentions of reading the series.


The Wedding-Night Stand by Ava Harrison- 3.5 stars

Emma isn’t at all happy to be going to her friends wedding single, especially since there seems to be a set up with someone’s brother. However when she Grant for the first time in a long time she forgets everyone’s machinations and they spend the wedding together and the night. However one night isn’t enough and soon turns into a lot more.


One Night by Callie Anderson- 3.5 stars

Jules and Landon hit off one night at a party and continue to text each other over the weekend. However when Jules goes to work she discovers that Landon is her new client and her boss.


All Wrong by Callie Harper- 4 stars

Sarah is working at coffee shop and there is this one customer who comes in early every Tuesday morning and spends extra care when preparing his coffee. Tim has been coming to the coffee shop hoping to gain Sarah’s attention but she sends him mixed signals.

When it turns out that they will be at the same Valentines Day party their friends think it is a good idea to push them together.


Love on a Plane by Ilsa Madden-Mills- 3 stars

Spider and Taffy meet on a plane and share a brief kiss but are only too happy to have nothing to do with the other. However they soon find out that they are connected in an unexpected way and to top it all off they find out each others real names.


Taking My Shot by Jen Frederick- 3.5 stars

Detective Gabe Maddison has liked Sweeney for a long time but when she asked him out six months ago he said no as he was still dealing with a bad situation from work.. So when he sees Sweeney breaking up with her boyfriend, he decides to make his move.

I liked this one but I would have liked to see a bit more of the story.


Someone Not You by Jessica Hawkins- 4.5-5 stars

This is one of my favourites from the anthology so far. Justin writes for a men’s magazine and when he is overheard talking to his friend and colleague about how how can get any women to go out with him his new boss sees this as a great opportunity for an article for Valentines Day.

Justin has to find a women that is not his type to out with him. When at the party arranged in his honor he has to choose a girl to ask out on a date. However he is surprised to not see a blond in sight as that is his preference. To make matters worse the party is on a boat and he suffers from terrible seasickness.

At the party he meets Thalia who although not his type, he finds intriguing. Thalia doesn’t fall for any of his charm, it’s quite the opposite. But after being sick and Thalia taking care of him he manages to get her to agree to a date.

None of them expected that they may like each other after all. I loved this one plus it reminded me a little of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. However I would have liked to have seen a bit of a follow up or an epilogue. Overall it was a great read and one of my favourites.


A Very Locklaine Valentine by Jessica Prince- 3 stars

Richard is surprised to find out it’s Valentines Day as he has plans to propose to his girlfriend Delilah. However he hasn’t planned anything and antics ensue.


What Love Built by J.L. Berg- 4 stars

This is a nice story about a family all coming together with a few surprises along the way. I haven’t read anything by J.L. Berg yet but she has been on my TBR for a long time.


Special Delivery by Liv Morris- 3 stars

Emily isn’t looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day alone when a knock on her door changes her life forever. Ethan gets a delivery of Emily’s by mistake and comes to her apartment to fix the problem. Ethan ends up inviting Emily for dinner in his apartment and they share a connection.

This was very short but it was also sweet.


My First Time by LJ Shen- 4.5 stars

This follows Leigh as she falls in love for the first time. After her memorable first kiss (memorable for being so bad) is interrupted by Zack, a senior and the guy whose house the party is at starts something between them. Leigh is the god girl but she sees herself falling for the brooding bad boy Zack.

This was a sweet and romantic tale of first love that was something different from LJ Shen. I really enjoyed this one and one of the authors I was most excited about in this anthology.


Rhythm by Mandi Beck- 3 stars

Stone has managed to win the heart of Willow again and has big plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Livi’s Love by MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron- 4 stars

Livi and Hendrix are married and expecting their first child only to be surprised when someone else in their family is also expecting- their sometimes lovable dog Floyd. This as comes as quite a shock as they thought that she has been ‘fixed’. What ensues are funny antics particularly around the stray dog who ‘impregnated’ her.

This was a fun read and I liked the relationship between Livi and Hendrix plus I love the puppies.


Yes, Yes, Yes by Nicola Rendell- 4 stars

Thomas has set out to create the best chocolate truffles and to help him, is taste tester and influencer Laura. When the power goes out, things become steamy and they both act on their feelings they have for each other.


Game for Two: A Valentine’s Staycation by Rachel Blaufeld- 4 stars

Jules and Drew are expecting their second child and decide to spend Valentine’s Day away at a hotel by the sea. This was a nice interlude and it was nice to catch up with Jules and Drew again.


Backfire by Rebecca Yarros- 4.5 stars

I love Rebecca Yarros and this addition was one of my favourites of the anthology. Bash and Emmy have loved each other for a long time and after years of separation they have finally been dating for seven months.

Bash is planning to propose and organizes everything but the only problem is, is that he has been called away to fight a fire so he has to change his plans.

This was a great story and I will definitely be reading more from this series.


Entwined by SE Hall- 4 stars

Dane after multiple proposals has finally managed to get Laney to agree to marry him. Dane has given Laney a week to come up with a date for the wedding, and when that week goes by intervention comes in the form of friends.


This novella gives a nice overview of the series and gives you a glimpse of Dane and Laney’s wedding day. I haven’t read this series before but I was still able to understand what was going on.


Love and Latte by Sharon Hamilton- 4 stars

Connor is a Navy SEAL and is home for Valentine’s Day but he doesn’t have a date. He goes to a bookstore to pick up a book written by a former SEAL and continues on to the coffee shop attached when he meets a girl. Emma also has a book on Navy SEALS but it’s a romance. The two share a nice conversation and then leave. Only to meet each other again very soon.


The two go out on a date and share an instant connection and they both know they are with the right person. This is was a nice and sweet romance about love.


Beauty Knot by Stephie Walls- 4.25 stars

Callie has just found out that she is pregnant, and now she must move up her wedding day. Callie is marrying Liam who is older and known as one of the most eligible bachelors- although not anymore. This was sweat read and very enjoyable.


The Brightest Star by Yessi Smith- 4 stars

Elio is a street performer and in one of his shows he helps his young nephew score a date with a girl he likes plus he spends time with his own girl, Vianella. This was a short and sweet read and I really enjoyed it.



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