Book Reviews

Book Review: Until Sage

Title: Until Sage

Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Rating: 4 stars


I have been waiting a long time for Sage and Kim’s book and was very happy with it’s delivery. Sage and Kim meet and everything is wonderful until a misunderstanding and Sage pushes Kim away. Upon learning the truth, Sage comes to regret his decision but he is determined to win her back.


“In the twenty-four hours we spent together, you gave me a taste of something beautiful, and the memories of those moments have haunted me since I walked away from you.”


Sage slowly breaks down Kim’s barriers and after she goes through something tragic, Sage is there for her. Kim gives Sage a second chance but Kim is keeping a secret that she is afraid to share as it might change the circumstances of their relationship.


“If I could give you the world, I would.” 

“I don’t need the world. All I need is you.”


I liked both Sage and Kim, plus I am already a huge fan of the Until series. It is always great to experience the BOOM! This was another great edition to the series and I can’t wait to read what comes next.


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