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Book Review: The Exile- An Outlander Graphic Novel

Title: The Exile- An Outlander Graphic Novel

Author: Diana Gabaldon- Illustrator: Hoang Nguyen

Rating: 3.5 stars


I have never read a graphic novel before so the format and everything else is very new to me. Therefore I cannot comment about how it stands up to other graphic novels but overall I did find the experience enjoyable.


The story of Outlander was shown more through Murtagh and Jamie’s point of view which I really enjoyed and found interesting. However, because there were lots of male characters I felt that a lot of the illustrations blended together a bit and I had troubles distinguishing who was who.


Sometimes the story got a bit confusing (this could also be the fact that I am not used to the format) but overall I liked it well enough. I don’t think I will be reading too many graphic novels in the future (probably only if it part of a series I liked).


This was a nice edition to the series but by no means an essential part of Outlander. I know people have mixed feelings about this graphic novel but I did enjoy it and it was very different to what I am used to reading, so it was a nice change.


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