Book Reviews

Book Review: Bombshell

Title: Bombshell

Author: C.D. Reiss

Rating: 2 stars


Overall I found this book to be a huge disappointment and I just didn’t like it. Brad Sinclair is living the lifestyle of a Hollywood actor only to discover that he has a five-year-old daughter he didn’t know about. So he goes to West Side Nannies where he sees Cara DuMont who has been the only one to stop his daughter Nicole to stop crying. Brad wants Cara to be his nanny, the only problem Cara doesn’t do Hollywood single fathers.


But Brad can be persuasive and Cara comes on as a consultant till things are more settled, while recommending her friend Blakely for the position. Cara and Brad share some chemistry and there is tension in their relationship. Nicole was a very cute kid and there were some aspects I liked but nothing that could really save it.


I didn’t really like Brad and just when I thought I might he went and did something to change it back. Cara was okay, but my feelings towards her are more of indifference. I didn’t really like the story (although, generally I love the ‘nanny and the boss’ stories) and I didn’t connect with the characters and I felt nothing for their relationship.


Overall I was expecting a lot more from this book and I just didn’t like it. This is more to do with personal preference as the writing was fine although there were a few times where I confused as to what was happening, especially at the start of the story.


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