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Book Review: The Bohemian and the Businessman

Title: The Bohemian and the Businessman

Author: Katy Regnery

Rating: 4 stars


Priscilla is the second youngest and the wild child of the Story sisters. She is recently home from Paris where she went to be with her older boyfriend only to discover that he was married and want nothing do do with her or her recently discovered pregnancy. This puts her in a tough situation when she comes back home as she doesn’t have access to her trust fund until shes been married for a year and doesn’t have a way to support herself as she knows her father won’t approve of her. So she must find a solution.


Shane has been working at Story Imports for awhile but the only way he get promoted if he were to become ‘family’. He starts off dating Margaret Story but doesn’t have any real feelings for her besides friendship. At a family dinner he proposes but gets rejected as Margaret wants to marry for love (plus we know she really is in love with Cameron Winslow). Priscilla overhearing this interaction plus another conversation between her farther and Shane proposes that they can both help each other out by entering a marriage of convenience themselves, as she needs a husband and he needs to marry a Story sister to get a promotion at work.


However there is a problem and Shane has always felt an attraction to Priscilla and has always been affected by her. So what turns out as a marriage of convenience turns into something much more. Overall this was a sweet read and I really like how, even though Shane and Priscilla were total opposites they complimented and brought out the best in each other.


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