Book Reviews

Book Review: Mister Moneybags

Title: Mister Moneybags

Author: Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Rating: 4.5 stars


Dex Truitt has a way of whittling his way into your heart.


Bianca is on her way to interview Dex Truitt as as she has dubbed him ‘Mister Moneybags’. Dex is a successful CEO but so far his identity has been anonymous. Bianca is in an elevator when it stops and only then does she realise someone else is with her. Bianca gives her impression of what she thinks Dex will be not realsing that the guy she is talking to is Dex himself. So as a way to save face, Dex says his name is Jay and that he is a bike messenger. Therefore Dex must cancel his interview with Bianca and somehow procure a bike so he can go on a date with her.


However, what Bianca doesn’t expect is the connection she feels with Dex when she interviewing him over email. Thus puts Dex in a tough place as he really likes Bianca and doesn’t want to e lying to her about who he is.


There is so much chemistry between the two is off the charts and you can tell how much the they care for each other. There were many twist and turns and major plot twists and overall it was an amazing read and I loved it.


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