Book Reviews

Book Review: Co-Wrecker

Title: Co-Wrecker

Author: Meghan Quinn

Rating: 4.25 stars

Another sweet and funny read by Meghan Quinn.

Andrew has just transferred Universities and got his first time job working at Friendly’s selling ice cream. Andrew is studying computer engineering, has a collection of calculators and has a love for baseball (the Yankees in particular).


On his first day of training he meets Sadie, who is to train him for the whole week. Sadie isn’t happy to be training the Andrew and just wants to get through the day. However Andrew is friendly and very happy to learn and makes it his mission to become ‘friends’ with Sadie even though she doesn’t let new people into her tight knot group of friends.


Andrew and Sadie’s interaction made me smile and I loved how sweet Andrew was. Sadie has been though some tough times in her life and Andrew is able to bring out her laughter and smiles.


“How is it possible that one of Andrew’s smiles can make me feel a little more at ease? Is it those kind, sweet eyes of his? Or the way he seems to understand what I need at the moment”


Andrew really likes Sadie and convinces her to go out on a date with him. He slowly starts to worm his way into her life until he becomes a permanent fixture. They start a relationship but Sadie finds it hard to open up about her past and ends up keeping some secrets from Andrew. But she makes it her mission to get him back.


“He’s a four-leaf clover in a field of weeds; you don’t let men like him slip through your fingers.”


I really enjoyed this book and it was one that really made be smile.


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