Book Reviews

Book Review: Virgins

Title: Virgins

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Rating: 4 stars


This is a novella about Jamie and Ian set before the time in Outlander. The story begins in October, 1740 near Bordeaux, France. Jamie has just come from Scotland, delivered by Murtagh, urging him not to and not to return to Scotland. To earn their way, Jamie and Ian work as mercenaries, protecting and delivering goods and people safely to destinations for payment.


It was really interesting seeing Jamie just after his ordeal with Black Jack and coping with the recent loss of his father. I loved getting that further insight into his thoughts.


Jamie’s knowledge of Hebrew has them included in an assignment to take a young Jewish woman from her home in Bordeaux to her prospective husband in Paris. But the trip does not go according to plan, and Jamie sees the young, innocent-looking Rebekah for what she really is: a dangerous woman.


It was great getting to know more about Jamie’s time in France and helped to better understand his character. I loved seeing Jamie before Claire and overall this was a great novella and a must read for any Outlander fan.



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