Book Reviews

Book Review: Wedlocked

Title: Wedlocked

Author: Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Rating: 5 stars


This book made me very happy and it was everything I wanted it to be!


The story continues with Ace and Dylan and centers on them planning their wedding. The story was heartwarming and a beautiful story of two souls who share a fantastic friendship and a deep love. After Ace proposes there is big media frenzy and the couple is left to deal with all the attention.


However not everyone is happy for them. Dylan’s estranged mother is there to cash in but with the help of Ace’s lawyer, Logan (I love every moment where we get to see Logan) to make the problem go away.


Ace and Dylan aim to plan their wedding in secret with the help of Paige (L.A. Liaisons). Paige gives them the wedding that they want and instead of a bachelor party they have a weekend away with a bunch of their closest friends. I loved seeing all the characters from favourite series like Temptaion, Sunset Cove and L.A. Liaisons. It was a great way to catch up with much loved characters and I loved seeing how they all interacted with each other.


This was a wonderful and enjoyable story that just makes the heart happy. The epilogue was especially sweet and overall it’s kind of sad saying goodbye to this wonderful couple. Overall it was a fantastic series and I love both Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine.



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