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Book Review: Say I’m yours

Title: Say I’m Yours

Author: Corinne Michaels

Rating: 4. 5 stars


This was an emotional and heartfelt read that gives love a second chance.  Trent Hennington is the oldest of the Hennington brothers. He’s the town sheriff and although he has loved the same girl all his life, he has never been able to commit to her, and now he’s lost her.


She’s the girl I love. The girl I’ve always loved but was too stupid to hold on to. That won’t happen again.


Grace loves Trent more than anything but there is just so much she can take until she feels broken. She wants to settle down get married and have kids. She’s in her mid to late thirties and after twenty years with Trent, he’s not getting any closer to settling down. So as a way to save her heart , Grace breaks it off with Trent. This time for good. Trent doesn’t take it well as he finally starts to realise what he has now that she’s gone.


Grace finds it difficult because she knows that Trent is the only guy she will ever love but finds herself needing to move on. Cooper, Presley’s brother is a real sweetheart and likes Grace. He finally convinces her to go on a date and Trent is less than impressed.


However, Trent is making changes in his life and is doing everything is his power to show Grace that he loves her. Grace needs to decide whether or not she’s willing to take a chance on Trent and fight for their relationship.


Things with Cooper don’t work out and everything is handled really well. Trent and Grace give it a real go but there are still many issues to work out. But they love each other and they want to make it work.


“Say I’m yours,” he demands.
I don’t hesitate. “You’re mine.”
“Say you’re mine.”
“I’ve only ever been yours.”


This was a great read and I loved the epilogue. There is just something special about these Hennington brothers. I loved getting to know the residents of this small town and the love stories to be found.



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