Book Reviews

Book Review: A Princess in Waiting

Title: A Princess in Waiting

Author: Noelle Adams

Rating 4 stars


Lisette is quiet and shy and quite different from the rest of her family. Lisette often finds herself attending functions as part of her royal duty which she finds quite difficult considering her introverted personality. The person who always there for her and makes her feel better is her best friend Alex.


They have been friends ever since they were young but Lisette has been in love with Alex ever since she could remember. The only problem is that he doesn’t feel the same way plus her Mother is match making her with the single rich man to come and stay at the castle.


Lisette involves the help of Alex to help her gain attention to the new guy. Alex is reluctant as he has feelings for Lisette. Overall, Alex helps her gain more confidence in herself but they end up falling even more for each other in ‘fake’ attempts to make the new guy jealous.


This was a nice and simple friends to lovers story with added princesses.


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