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Book Review: The Coppersmith Farmhouse

Title: The Coppersmith Farmhouse

Author: Devney Perry

Rating: 5 stars


“If he kissed me during every debate, I was never going to win.”


This was an amazing read and I really enjoyed it. It was sweet an d romantic with some tension and suspense. The reminds me of old-school romance and captures everything that I miss from a lot of books today.


Gigi is a hard working nurse and a single mother to an amazing little girl Rowan (or Roe). Gigi befriends an elderly patient Ben and when he passes away, she inherits his house. Gigi and her daughter thus move to a small town Montana to start afresh.


This is where she meets Jess the local sheriff. The two get off on a rocky start but when Jess comes to realise that Gigi (or Geogia according to Jess) has no ulterior motives when it comes to Ben things start to become a little cleaner. There is an obvious attraction between the two but Jess has to convince Gigi to go on a date with him and see where the relationship goes.


There is romance, there is tension and intrique and the relationship between Jess and Gigi is awesome. I also loved the relationship of Jess and Roe and liked the bond that they shared. This was such a great read and am looking forward to other books by this author. This is an excellent debut novel by Davney Perry and as a consequence she will be on my radar for more books to come. This is one of my favourites books I have read this year and is also special when ever you discover a fantastic brand new author.


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