Book Reviews

Book Review: Paint the Stars

Title: Paint the Stars

Author: Christina Lee and Nyrae Dawn

Rating: 3.5-3.75 stars


“Daevonte and Ezra, best friends forever.”


Ezra is an artist and happiest when he’s at home. Working on a project he was commissioned for at a holistic centre, he gets to know Daevonte. Dae is a psychology student and yoga teacher at the holistc centre and he offers to stay behind while Ezra paints. Dae is perceptive and vibrant and he can’t help but to flirt with Ezra. Ezra doesn’t mind but doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. However the two become good friends and open up to the other.


Over time as Dae and Ezra are comfortable with the other and soon their friendship turns into something more. Dae and Ezra have really contrasting personalities but they compliment each other and they just work.


This was a sweet read and I liked it a lot more than what I thought I would.


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