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Book Review: Don’t Speak

Title: Don’t Speak

Author: Katy Regnery

Rating: 5 ‘Dating a Dingbatter’ stars


“She was an unlikely obsession, this girl he’d known for such a small amount of time. Were he asked under fire, he couldn’t possibly account for the depth and certainty of his feelings for her.”


Laire comes from a very small and traditional island off the coast of North Carolina. However Laire has big dreams of fashion that doesn’t include living her whole life on the Island of Corey. When her father needs help with a delivery some crabs to the mainland, Laire leaps at the chance to see something new.


On her delivery she meets the Governor’s Son, Erik Rexford.

“You workin’ the party?”
“Um…” He’s talking to me. He talking to me. “N-no. I’ve got Crabs.”


Erik is captivated by Laire and asks her out and won’t take no for an answer. Laire is weary to begin with as it is not widely accepted to date an outsider or a ‘dingbatter’, but eventually accepts. She has also been offered a job that allows her to save up money for college but doesn’t tell her Dad where she is working.


Erik and Laire see each other often and have a whirlwind romance both falling in love. However it is not all easy sailing as both are keeping secrets from their families as both come from very different world where neither family will be accepting of the other.


When the summer is over things come to a halt as tragedy strikes and misunderstandings and other forces keeps them apart. It isn’t until many years later that they will she each other again. Both people have changed and they work with each other to give what they had a second chance and overcome the obstacles keeping them apart.


“Entwined in each other’s arms, finally sated, finally whole, their hearts beating madly against each other, love found, love made, love requited. 


This was a beautiful, emotional, sweet, sometimes funny- sometimes heartbreaking, heartwarming read and I loved it. Katy really knows how to rework a fairytale and I loved all the subtle similarities to The Little Mermaid. This is probably my favourite of the modern fairytale series and I can’t wait to read what she comes up with next.


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