Book Reviews

Book Review: What I Need

Title: What I Need

Author: J. Daniels

Rating: 4 stars


Riley has just broken up with her boyfriend or so she thought when she goes to her brother’s wedding. Reed doesn’t like Richard and Riley is angry because he wouldn’t invite him to his wedding, thus causing a fight between Richard and Riley and ‘breaking up’.


At the wedding Riley officially meets CJ Tully  and the two hit it off and ended up hooking up. But when Riley gets back home she discovers that Richard had misunderstood her conversation and that they aren’t really broken up. Riley is conflicted about this because she really likes CJ but feels obliged to stay with Richard. However at a concert that Riley attends with Richard she runs into CJ who is working there as a cop. Richard ends up gtting in trouble with the law and CJ gets hurt.


Predictions are that CJ will be laid up for five months and his insurance covers in-house care. Riley, being a nursing student offers her services after being persuaded by CJ to move in with him and care for him as living with Richard is no longer an option.


What ensues includes “sponge baths and late night conversations” as CJ and Riley grow closer. Being friends ends up not being enough for them as the connection they originally share is still very much present.


This was a good read that was entertaining and I really enjoyed catching up with the ‘Bama Boys’.


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