Book Reviews

Book Review: If You Were Mine

Title: If You Were Mine

Author: Melanie Harlow

Rating: 4.25 stars


“I believed in soul mates, and I wanted my own. But where the fuck was he, already?


Claire has been invited to her friends wedding and as a way to avoid the dreaded singles table she tells her that she will be bringing a date. The only problem is she doesn’t have one. So Claire is forced to be creative and ends up hiring a platonic date online. This is how she meets Theo.


Theo has had a troubled past and is doing odds and ends jobs as to avoid putting down permanent roots. what is unexpected is that Theo and Claire end up hitting it off. So what starts as a fake date turns into something a lot more real. They spend the night together but both are left wanting more.


Theo, however is very hesitant about starting a relationship with Claire as he hold the secrets from his past very close. So at the start their relationship started out as undefined but it turns into something very real. But Theo must come to terms with his past and until he does, his relationship with Claire doesn’t have a future.


I loved this book and the relationship between Theo and Claire was something special. The ending of the book was absolutely PERFECT that I had happy tears about how romantic it was.


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