Book Reviews

Book Review: A Thousand Letters

Title: A Thousand Letters

Author: Staci Hart

Rating: 4.75 stars


“I thought I could forget you. I even convinced myself I had, for a time. But it was impossible. You left a mark on my soul I couldn’t erase.”


This is a beautiful second chance romance and I loved it. When I saw it was inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion I knew I had to read it. Persuasion is one of my favourite stories and in my opinion the original second chance romance. There were many subtle hints towards Persuasion that made the story special for someone who has read that story. Knowing the story it made obvious certain character intentions and interactions and I loved being in the know. However the references were subtle and Staci Hart really made the story her own, and it was wonderful.


Wade and Elliot were high school sweethearts. They were that one couple that could never be separated or torn apart. Until they were. This breakup changed both of them never being whole again. Wade moved on to the army and Elliot went to college. They have been apart for seven years but a tragic event bring them together again.


Wade’s father is terminally ill. Elliot is Wade’s sister’s best friend and essentially part of the family. So when Wade comes home from overseas  it is inevitable that they will have to spend time with each other.


“He was coming home. Seven years without a word. Seven years without seeing his face. It was all too much.”


Watching them together is both beautiful and heartbreak as the love they feel for each other is visible but hidden under so much pain and hurt.


Both Wade and Elliot never stopped loving each other and even though there were circumstances that keep them apart physically they will always belong to each other. Having found that true love there will never be anyone else.


“I thought about the need my soul had for her, and she gave herself willingly as she always did. Because she was unfailingly kind, even at great personal cost, simply because she loved with all of her.”


This was such a touching story about two souls coming together after pain and circumstance. It was about family, loss, pain, love and so much more.


“Life is short, so short, so precious, every minute, every day. Don’t let the people you love, the people who make you happy, the people who bring you joy —don’t let them go. Hang on to them, even when it hurts. When it seems impossible. Hold on to the things that breathe life into you. Listen to your soul and honor what it tells you. Live. Fight for what you love.”



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