Book Reviews

Book Review: Summer Nights

Title: Summer Nights

Author: J.M. Sevilla

Rating: 4 stars

I have read and enjoyed all of J.M. Sevilla books before so I knew I had to read this one once it came out.


Hannah is thirteen and has grown up in a very conservative and strict household. But one night while getting ice-cream with her family she sees this group of kids that intrigues her. The next time she is able to get away, her curiosity gets the better of her and she tries to seek them out. This is when she meets the two people who will change her life. Sam invites her into their group where she meets everyone including the boy she has a crush on, Danny- Sams brother.


Over the next five years she finds family and acceptance for who she is with the mix-matched group of people. Danny in particular is very protective of her. Since Hannah is now eighteen, it is time when her family will find her a husband.


Hannah doesn’t want this but struggles to go against the wishes of her family. Making matter more complicated is that her and Danny secretly like each other and want something more than what they think they can have.



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