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Book Review: A Princess for a Bride


Title: A Princess for a Bride

Author: Noelle Adams

Rating: 4 stars



This was such a sweet and lovely read and I really enjoyed it.


Victoria is the middle daughter and agrees to do her royal duty, since her older sister found a love match, Victoria knows it’s up to her and marries for money. She has known Edward since they were children as their fathers are best friends. Although she finds him snobby she knows him to be a good guy and is hopeful that they could make the marriage work.


After Victoria spends more time with Edward, it becomes apparent that Edward is an introvert, a shy and quiet man who is uncomfortable in large crowds. So what Victoria mistook as rudeness is just the opposite.


They get to know each other slowly and start to communicate their feelings but both hold back, afraid of what the other would think. As the their relationship started off as a marriage of convenience it takes them by surprise when it slowly starts turning into more.


I loved Edward as a character, he was considerate and really sweet but underneath is deep feelings and burning passion. It was great seeing how their relationship developed and how they complemented the other. While Edward is more reserved, Victoria is vivacious and they are great bringing out the best qualities in the other.


The ending was lovely and I’m really looking forward to the next story in the series



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