Book Reviews

Book Review: Valiant

Title: Valiant

Author: Bella Jewel

Rating: 3.5 stars

Baylee has gotten out of an abusive relationship and is starting afresh with a new identity. She has also taken on the responsibility of looking after her ex’s sister Rae, who is young, pregnant and recovering from drug addiction.

Baylee meets Jack who is very persistent in his pursuit of her, but after her previous relationship she is very wary of man. However Jack is very charming and is not used to being rejected and soon wares her down and agrees to be friends.

Apart from her best friend Shania, Baylee doesn’t have any family and although she had a close relationship with Rae before, the drugs have changed her and she isn’t the same person. So when Jack introduces her to his close knit family, she is overcome with a sense of belonging.

Jack and Baylee grow closer but she has trouble trusting Jack but he slowly starts to break her walls. Together they found friendship and trust and in each other they found happiness.

“You’re the first real girl I’ve ever met. Sure, I won’t lie, at first you were a challenge, because you wouldn’t give in to me, but then I realised it wasn’t because you were playing some game, or trying to make me chase you, but that you were actually real and had some respect. That drew me to you, in a big way. I’ve never met a girl, outside of my family, that’s so incredibly real.”

Towards the end of the book there was drama and resolutions and was great seeing the  two generations together. I didn’t like all the characters and I found Rae especially difficult and sometimes I wished Baylee who stand up for herself a little more. However Jack was a great character and I really liked him.

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