Book Reviews

Book Review: Riveted

Title: Riveted

Author: Jay Crownover

Rating: 4 stars

Dixie wants the fairytale, to fall in love the same way as her parents. She has her eye set on the perfect candidate, Church, but he is more of the silent brooding type and keeps his feelings in check. He has feeling for Dixie but doesn’t let himself fall as his past has taught him that all the women he loves, get taken away.

When he gets a call urging him to come home as Elma May, an older woman  that used to look after him as a child, has had fall. The only problem is, he used the reason for staying away from home for so long because of a ‘girl’.

So Church asks Dixie to come back home with home as a friend and as she cares for him she agrees. Church starts to open up more about his past and they get to know each better. The feelings that they both hold for each other start to rise to the surface as neither one can hold back.

“He held me to him letting me know that if pieces started to break off if I did indeed shatter, he was there to catch them and put them back in place. It was singularly the most important and most impactful hug of my entire life.”

However as they make there way to Mississippi they run into some trouble  that they must figure out who is behind it.

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