Book Reviews

Book Review: Retreat

Title: Retreat

Author: Jay Crownover

Rating: 4 stars


Leora (or Leo) is convinced by her best friend Emrys to spend some vacation time on a ranch in Wyoming owned by the Warner brothers. Leo is feeling betrayed because she recently found out that the guy she was seeing was married with a wife and kids and this is a time to get away from it all.


The plan is to go on a trail ride and get back to nature with a group of six other people. During the introductions to the ranch Leo meets the oldest Warner Brother Cyrus (or Cy). Cy doesn’t fit Leo’s pre-conceived ideas of a cowboy and they rub each other the wrong way but underneath it all a spark is ignited.


Cy is grumpy and doesn’t interact a lot with the clients as he runs the business side of the ranch and his brothers, Lane and Sutton run the people side. Cy stays away from relationships since his divorce as his ex-wife couldn’t handle life on a ranch and he doesn’t want to get burned again. Both Leo and Cy aren’t in the right place for a relationship but sometimes there is no stopping an attraction.


“It was the wrong place and the wrong time, and we were most definitely the wrong two people, but he wanted me and he couldn’t stay away. Cyrus Warner had just as many control issues as I did, which was why we both liked to test the other’s limits and neither one of us liked to fail.”


Leo and Cy get to know each other better on the trail ride and open up abut their past relationships. Leo gains a new perspective on life and faces her fears. Cy and Leo get closer but know the limitations of the future of their relationships.


“We only get this moment, Sunshine, just one, so it needs to matter to you as much as it matters to me.”


While on the trials they run into some drama and hard times and a lot of strength is needed to get through it. After everything that happens Leo acts as support for Cy and they both need to find a way to be together.


“He was everything to everyone, but I was the only one who made him smile.”


Overall this was a great read and I really enjoyed it. I am all anticipation to read Sutton and Emrys story knowing the connection they have through shared experience, can’t wait.



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