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Book Review: Heir to Edenbrooke

Title: Heir to Edenbrooke

Author: Julianne Donaldson

Rating: 5 stars

I read this book a year ago and loved it then as I love it now. The story begins with Phillip receiving the news of his older brother’s death while with his regiment. Phillip is reeling with the news and doesn’t feel right about inheriting everything while his brother William gets nothing.

A couple of years later Phillip has garnered the attention of the matchmaker mama’s of London society but see’s through the facade and wants something real.

“And where were the intelligent young women? Where were the ladies with a sense of humor, a touch of wit, and a depth to their character?

Heading back home home to Edenbrooke, Phillip is to be again inundated with ladies of marriageable age, this time it is to be the daughters of his mother’s friend. Not wanting to put up any more feigned broken ankles and sudden fainting spells, he takes off into the night and ends up at the Rose and Crown after a mishap with his carriage. In a sour mood, he meets Marianne Daventry (the very same who is coming to stay at Edenbrooke) who is completely different than what he was expecting. Unfortunately for Phillip he doesn’t make the best first impression but he is determined to change that.

“The young lady who had ripped away my mask and shown me who I had become. And without understanding why, I knew that I could not leave without seeing her again.”

“She had held up a mirror to my heart and shown me how far I had strayed from the man I had hoped to be.”

After Phillip comes to Marianne’s assistance they soon find themselves sharing laughs and having a good time.

“I was rapidly losing my heart to this sweet, vulnerable, genuine girl.”

Phillip ends up helping Marianne with all the arrangement all the while not telling her his name as he likes being liked for who h is and not what he owns. After this encounter he returns home but with an entirely new outlook.

“I should have been exhausted as I galloped back to Edenbrooke, but my heart was alive with a bright, unexpected dawn. I smiled the entire way home.”

I loved getting more insight to Phillip’s character that only made me love him more than I already did. An Amazing novella that’s well worth the read.

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