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Book Review: Edenbrooke

Title: Edenbrooke

Author: Julianne Donaldson

Rating: 5 stars


I first read this book back in 2013 and since then I have read it multiple times and loved it every single time. This is one of my go to’s when I want something sweet and romantic to read as I know I can’t go wrong.


This book came as a complete surprise and something that I fell in love with. Phillip is an ideal book boyfriend and completely swoon worthy. He is such a great male lead. He is Charming and witty, a little bit obnoxious and entirely sweet.


Marianne is currently residing in Bath with her Grandmother while her father grieves in France after her mother’s death fourteen months prior. Her Grandmother decides to disinherit her no-good nephew and instead gives Marianne forty thousand pounds for her dowry. However this is conditional on Marianne conducting herself like a lady, something she struggles with. It has been arranged with her Grandmother that she will stay at Edenbrooke (the home of her mother’s friend Lady Caroline) and be joined by her twin sister Cecily. This will offer her a good opportunity to practice being a lady while also being able to enjoy the country side as she has missed it since residing in bath.


On the way to Edenbrooke she runs into some trouble and ends up in an Inn where she meets Phillip. Phillip first comes across as arrogant but is really just in a sour mood (The Heir to Edenbrooke shows Phillips perspective of this meeting). After being set down by Marianne, Phillip soon over turns this first impression and they end up getting along famously.


Marianne soon makes it to Edenbrooke and there she runs into Phillip not knowing who he is, as he kept his identity hidden. Marianne and Phillip quickly form a friendship and they spend a lot of time together. These two share fantastic repartee that is such a delight to watch.


Things became complicated when Marianne’s sister finally turns up and there are also others willing to deceive Marianne and Phillip for their own agendas. They both need to prove their love while also going through some trials before they get there.


This was a fun, light entertaining read that completely sweep me off my feet. It has become one of my favourite reads and has become something special.


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