Book Reviews

Book Review: Be a Doll

Title: Be a Doll

Author: Stephanie Witter

Rating: 4 stars

Lila Hodge is a resident of Carter Manor, a place where young girls are groomed to become trophy wives of rich men. Lila has sabotaged two prospects already so when she is presented with the third choice she will have no option but to make a go of it. However she is surprised when she sees Mathis Grimes as he is young at thirty two and not at all like other clients.

“Be a doll? A doll. Yes, that’s exactly what I was. A doll, someone who didn’t think with her head, but followed someone else’s whims and orders. I was supposed to sit there and look pretty. That was all my life was reduced to. Carter Manor was a damn doll factory.”

Mathis picks Lila because she intrigues him and he sees a spark in her that you wouldn’t expect to see at the manor.

“You can’t hide the fire in you, it’s burning through your eyes, Miss Hodge.”

Mathis and Lila get married and though it starts as a business deal there is a possibility for much more. Mathis comes across as cold and manipulative but there is more to him than what he presents to the world. They both get on each other’s nerves but their is definitely a sizzle between the two.


I really liked this one and the relationship between Mathis and Lila was great. I always like reading ‘a marriage of convenience’ trope and this one had a unique spin on the idea.

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