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Book Review: Dear Life

Title: Dear Life

Author: Meghan Quinn

Rating: 5 ‘Be You. Own You stars

”Dear Life. Learn to live again.”

This book was beautiful and a stunning portrayal of four individual lives coming together for different reasons. Some have suffered from loss and others are trying to find out who they are, either way, they’ll all need each other more than they know. This is a story of healing and letting go, and of people needing other people. The story is full of heart and will definitely be one to stay with you.

Four lives. Four stories. Four sets of letters

All four character were very different but all worked well with each other. Hollyn and Jace are both dealing with a big loss. Daisy (who was my favourite)who has been very sheltered in her life is looking to find herself and who she really is. As for Carter, he is trying to deal with the lot life gave him. They all meet at the program called Dear Life where they are put into a group together where they will go through all the stages of the program together.

“The Point of this program is to address what life has given you, the cards you’ve been dealt. It’s not about complaining about what you’re going through, but about accepting it and making the most of the life you have. Living life with a purpose, proving your existence.”

Dear Life was a truly unique read and was truly amazing. Jace’s story made me a crying mess but them I had Daisy who always put a smile on my face with her zeal for life. The book was a great blend of emotions that complimented very well together. I loved the friendship and relationships they all formed together and overall the story was really special.

”Until you face your fears, push through, you will never know what’s waiting for you on the other side.”

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