Book Reviews

Book Review: Blackwood

Title: Blackwood

Author: Celia Aaron

Rating: 3.5-3.75 stars


Elise is getting her P.H.D. in archaeology and everything has come down to digging on the Blackwood estate. In order to do this she needs the owner, Garrett Blackwood’s permission which will prove to be difficult.


“Blackwood’s secrets were mine to discover, and I would find them all

However, Elise does have an anterior motive in the Blackwood estate as it was where her father disappeared and she is determined to find out what happened to him.


“Mysteries were meant to be solved, truths brought to light.”

Elise carries on regardless of Garrett’s permission and during her research on the estate she comes across some evidence of her father but not before she runs into some trouble of the wild animal kind. Lucky for her Garrett comes to her rescue and she ends up staying at the house while she recovers.


Garrett and Elise (or Red as named by Garrett) get to know each other better but she is curious about his past and the reason why he left his teaching job. Garrett is mysterious and has a very question reputation and resents Elise for wanting to go digging around his property.


“Some things are better left in the dark, Red.”

However as more is revealed and more mysteries are solved there is an undeniable connection between the two.


“I couldn’t concentrate, so I stared into his eyes. They were familiar, even in the dark. A steely blue. Like water beneath a storming sky.”

Elise and Garrett are ignited in their passion but not all is as simple as it seems. Garrett has a dark past and Elise is unlike anyone he has been with in the past.


“Don’t you get it? I’m the wolf. That day you showed up on my front porch in your red coat, if you’d known the thoughts I had, the things I’d wanted to do to you- you would never have come back here.”

The story has mystery and intrigue and a connection between Garrett that goes beyond what is initially thought. There has been something a lot darker going on then any of them knew and when all is discovered things will change and people who were trusted turned out to be foes.


Overall the story was good, but for me it failed to truly impress and I didn’t love it. The intrigue was there but not enough to be completely captivating and the story wasn’t all that I was expecting.



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