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Book Review: A Shot Worth Taking

Title: A Shot Worth Taking

Author: Samantha Gudger

Rating: 4 stars


Emma and Riley are getting used to their changed relationship status from being best friends to being in a relationship. Emma is still playing basketball with the guys and a few new people have joined. She has a run in with the new guy Tyler (who soon becomes a friend) who as it turns out is staying at Riley’s house after getting into trouble back home.


Emma’s focus is still basketball and is contemplating going to college but she has so often been told that she is not good enough. Since her Mum left five years ago, Emma’s home life hasn’t been the best. However Emma is determined to bring her family together again before she goes off to college.


I really enjoyed Emma’s interaction with her brothers and how the story’s focus was on family (which surprised me because usually all about the romance which took a back seat in this story).


Overall the book was about family coming together after being broken, friendship and love and was a great read.


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