Book Reviews

Book Review: Wasted Words

Title: Wasted Words

Author: Staci Hart

Rating: 4 stars

When I saw that this book was inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma I knew I had to read it. Cam, along with managing a bookstore/bar specialising in comic books, she’s also a part time matchmaker. She has a special gift knowing when people are well sorted for the other.

This fact is what is stopping Cam for falling for her roommate and friend, Tyler Knight. He is six-foot-six ex-football player now sports agent after being injured in college. Tyler is good looking, smart and successful and according to his ex-girlfriend too nice. These attributes, according to Cam is what makes him out of her league, seeing herself as plain and nerdy in comparison. However this doesn’t stop her from visualising the possibility.

Eve though Cam often states that she doesn’t see a match, that doesn’t stop Tyler from hanging out at her work every chance he gets. When Tyler goes out on a date that Cam practically forced upon him this makes them both stop and realise the real feelings they for each other. However all is not smooth sailing as Cam still has a lot of hang ups about dating that she must deal with before she can realise her future with Tyler.

I loved seeing the parallels with Emma especially with the secondary characters of Bayleigh and Martin. There were many similarities but it also made the story its own, being influenced by Emma but not direct copy which is my preference.

Overall a great read and I will definitely be reading more from Staci Hart.

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