Book Reviews

Book Review: Worth the Wait

Title: Worth the Wait

Author: Claudia Connor

Rating: 4.5 stars


This is a book that makes you feel”all the things” and I loved it. Nick Walker assumed responsibility of his younger siblings including his two year old baby sister, Hannah at the age of twenty when their parents die in a car accident.



Hannah becomes very attached to him and he even takes her to his classes. Things start looking up when he meets Mia. Mia quickly becomes a staple in his life and they quickly fall in love. However when tragedy strikes Hannah many years later their relationship starts to fall apart (this is mentioned in Worth the Risk and you see some of Nick and Mia’s interaction) and they don’t reconnect until ten years later.


This is when they are both given the chance at the love they both still feel very strongly. This was truly a heart-warming sometimes heart-breaking and amazing second chance romance. I hope to see more of the Walker and McKinney brothers.


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