Book Reviews

Book Review: Egomaniac

Title: Egomaniac

Author: Vi Keeland

Rating: 5 stars

Drew has been on vacation while his office is being renovated only to discover a surprise when he gets home. Emerie thought she was getting a great deal when renting out her new office space only to discover she’s been swindled out of ten thousand dollars.

After everything has had a chance to sink in, Drew comes up with the compromise that they will share the space with Emerie helping him answer phones while his secretary is on medical leave.

what ensues is a whole lot of fun when a divorce lawyer and marriage counselor share the same. Drew and Emerie have such great banter as they get to know each other better.

Drew was such a great hero and the more you got to know him the more you loved him. Emerie was sweet but also stood up for herself and knew what she wanted. This is one of my favourites from Vi Keeland and overall an enjoyable read. This book was both fun, entertaining and a little heart-breaking.

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