Book Reviews

Book Review: Vicious

Title: Vicious

Author: L.J. Shen

Rating: 5 ‘Black and Pink’ stars


Vicious is a delightfully witty and fun read in the best twisted way possible. Baron ‘Vicious’ Spencer hates Emilia on first encounter. Emilia is the daughter of the ‘Help’, her parents moving to California where the healthcare was better for her sick younger sister. Vicious is a jerk and makes his dislike for Emilia well known. Things get worse for her when she starts dating one of his best-friends, Dean. This angers him and works at trying to break them up. All this comes down to a close with Vicious running Emilia out of town and forcing her to leaving her family.


By a chance encounter they meet ten years later with Emilia struggling to make ends meet for her and her sister Rosie, working as a waitress. Vicious leaves a tip and a job offer to be his new personal assistant while he is in New York working on a deal.


No matter how hard they try there is always that underlying attraction they feel for each other.


“I wanted to dissolve into smoke, to crawl into him and never leave. It was crazy, but that was how much I craved this man.”


As Vicious’s real intentions become known for hiring Emilia, things in his past come to light and greater understanding of why Vicious is the way he is.


“He was light in a dark fog. But I knew better than everyone how bad the gorgeous dancing flames in him could burn.”

It was a real pleasure to watch Vicious fall in love with Emilia and coming to terms that he has always been enough and his feelings were


“She was a fantasy, and like all fantasies, she was meant to be savored, cherished, and treasured with caution and respect.”

L.J Shen has become a go to author for me and is great at writing assholes that you can’t help but love. I have been wanting to read Vicious since reading about him in Defy. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

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