Book Reviews

Book Review: One Careful Owner

Title: One Careful Owner: Love Me, Love My Dag

Author: Jane Harvey-Berrick

Rating: 4.5 stars


This was a heartwarming sometimes heart breaking story about second chances, trust, strength, overcoming the challenges of life and ultimately love. Alex is starting over after he lost his brother, wife, best friend and company all in a short span of time. In the small town Alex is seen as an outcast and is very misunderstood. When his dog, his best friend Stan has a toothache and needs taking to the vet, he meets Dawn.


Misjudging Alex upon first meeting, Dawn soon comes to realise that he isn’t a creep and there is more to the shy guy than what first appears. Dawn and her daughter Katie get to know Alex and Stan better and feels comfortable towards the other.


However as Dawn and Alex get to know each other better, circumstances from Alex’s past and insecurities from Dawn’s past arise and their relationship is tested.


This was a lovely book and shows the necessity of giving people a chance and the strength of human character. A truly beautiful read.

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